Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's Little Miracles #3 - from Sonya

I am posting this for my sister.
Love you Sandi!!
Please give her your prayers and support!
This weeks Monday's Little Miracles is very close to my heart.  This week the miracle spot belongs to Sandi.  She is my 33 year old younger sister.  This  is a summary of her last 4 weeks:
  • May 3rd - normal day, working as a christian counselor with trouble teens, called and made a Dr. appt (had been having severe headaches)
  • May 4th - CT scan found a brain tumor the size of a lemon and she was put in ICU immediately
  • May 6th - she had brain surgery where a large portion of the tumor was removed
  • May 14th - she came home from the hospital
  • May 19th - got the pathology reports back from Johns Hopkins: Brain Cancer - Glioblastoma

Sandi started chemo on Thursday and will be adding radiation treatments to the chemo starting Tuesday.  Not only does she need your prayers, but they need donations.   Even with insurance, each radiation treatment has a $40 copay.

I am trying to make up for all of the years I was a bad big sister.....I locked her out of my room, would not let her play with my barbie dolls.....normal big sister things of course.  Well now it is time for me to step in and take care of her.  You can read her full story on 

I have designed a bracelet collection in honor of Sandi - "Affirmation and Inspiration - Sandi's Fight."  All of the proceed from the sale of these will go towards her medical expenses.  Please link up to her blog - Sandi's Brain Tumor - My fight for life in spot #1 and give her comments of encouragement and prayers. ( She does not know I am doing this by the way)  This photo is Sandi (left) and me last weekend.  The surgeon only shaved a small strip down her part and down and over behind her right ear.  She can almost cover it with her hair.

Now for the follow.....Monday's Little Miracles is not about getting followers, but about love, support, prayers and donations to help those who need them the most.  The top spots on this Miracle Blog Hop will be for those who need us.  I encourage each and every one of you to join our linky every Monday.  If you know someone who needs help, please add them.

Now I don't know about you, but when I am looking for blogs to follow, I would sure like to follow blogs that share in our mission of helping others.  As I mentioned, Monday's Little Miracles is about making miracles happen, one blog at a time - getting a few new followers is just a bonus.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog Hop Friday - From Big Sister

I posted this Blog Hop Friday for Sandi.  Please show her support by following her as she documents her battle against brain cancer.  Please leave comments below.

Welcome to the third edition and special edition of Blog Hop Friday, hosted by My New Life As Mom, Chubby Cheeks Thinks, Take A Mom's Word For It, Bree Bee's, and Belly Charms! This week we would like to add a special cause to Blog Hop Friday. As many of you know, Mission Monkey is spreading like wildfire. She's a 16 month old baby girl who has cancer. She needs every single prayer, special thought, special wish, etc, that we can gather up. She will sit in our top spot, so please make sure to link up to her, as well. We continue to invite you and your friends to link up every Friday and join us for a wonderful blog hopping adventure! We're all about making friends and having fun so come join us!

My New Life As 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the cost of drugs....

Thank God for health insurance!!!! My MD wants to treat this w/ a relatively new drug called Temodar, it's used to treat brain tumors and it seems to be reasonably well tolerated by most people. It cost us $35.00 for a 1 month supply and the form says our insurance saved us $6,359.00 on the prescription, wouldn't take long for me to be dead if we had to pay full-cost in order to be able to take this :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Met with the Oncologist today and he said that I can expect to lose a lot of my hair.... I can deal with that as long as I get to live after I do it, I'm not fighting this for me I'm fighting to be Mrs. James Morris one more day and to be here for my family, if my father lives to see anything happen to me I might as well stab him in the heart w/ a knife, it would kill him and I don't think he could recover from that!!