Friday, August 27, 2010

Sandi's Fight Continues - from Sonya

Yesterday Sandi got her first IV Avastin infusion and last night she took her first dose ( triple strength) of the chemo drug Temodor.  She will have this high dose of Chemo for the next 5 days straight.  She has a new nightly routine......anti Nausea meds, an hour later a sleeping pill, then the 3 chemo pills.  Last night she was up sick from 2:00 am until 4:00 am.  She decided that tonight she will have no food after 5:00 to see if that helps.

Please continue to keep Sandi in your thoughts and prayers.

There are currently a few giveaways to benefit Sandi and her fight for life.  Please visit my blog and see if there are any you would like to enter. 

Bridget from Guide to Smart Shopping is an angel.  She is hosting a giveaway for a Live, Laugh, Love Bracelet and she is personally purchasing this bracelet to give it away.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support and comments to Sandi.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good news

We got good news today at the doctor's office. The tumor is stable and not growing, not shrinking but my oncologist thinks some of the mass around it is most likely dead tissue. I'll be on treatment for the next year, which is standard treatment for brain tumors. I'll be on Chemo and also I've got to go into the office to get an Avastin infusion every now and then. My drs are very optimistic about my prognosis :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Live Laugh Love Bracelet Giveaway: Everyday Ramblings of My Life for Sandi's Fight

Enter to win a Live Laugh Love Swarovski Crystal Bracelet from Belly Charms and Everyday Ramblings of My Life.  Tara wants to help raise money and awareness for Sandi's Fight and we have teamed up for a great giveaway. 

This is an easy entry giveaway and donations are optional!  If you enter you are helping!   Everyday Ramblings of my Life will be making a donation to Sandi's Fight for Life based on the number of people who comment and enter the giveaway.  How sweet is she? Please go visit Tara now and help raise money for Sandi's Fight for LifeGiveaway ends on 8/29!

Be sure you also enter to win a full Blog Makeover donated by The Shabby Vanity

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Giveaways to Support Sandi's Fight for Life - Blog Makeover from The Shabby Vanity

#1) The very first of several giveaways on Belly Charms the blog to help support Sandi's Fight for Life.   Sandi is not only fighting for her life against stage IV brain cancer, she is fighting a mountain of medical bills.  Even with insurance....brain surgery and brain cancer can put a financial strain on anyone.  Sandi has not been able to work since the lemon sized brain tumor was discovered on May 3rd. 

Sandi's Fight Giveaway #1.  A full blog makeover from The Shabby Vanity ( Ends 8/15) Go to Belly Charms - the Blog  for details and enter to win!
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