Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finished Radiation :-)

The great news is that I finally finished my radiation yesterday!!!! :-) now I have a couple of weeks and then I get to start a new chemo regiment but the MD is expecting that I will have few side-effects from it. I hope that he is right (needless to say).

I will be on a chemo drip that I have to go into the office to get and then I'll be on an increased dose of the Temodar that I take at night. Overall I still feel ok, just really tired and I feel kind of useless since I cannot work right now and we have tons of bills pouring in from various doctors. But thanks to my sister and her efforts it is not as bad as it could be, thanks to everyone who has donated to us!!!! Have a great week,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Radiation and beyond,,,,

I only have 3 more radiation treatments left!!!! This is a huge relief because I should get a lot of my energy back. I have treatment every morning and then I HAVE to nap in the afternoon because it drains me so much; and I'm getting 8-10 hrs of sleep every night. I'll start a more intensive chemo regiment after radiation is over... not sure which is going to be worse; unfortunately I'm afraid that the chemo may make me more nauseous and also have other fun side-effects that I don't know about yet. There were some additional side-effects that no one told me about, I'm learning that w/ cancer treatment you never know until you are there how you will react to treatment. Even the docs can't predict how people will react to treatment since everyone reacts differently.

Overall things are still looking up. I have my next MRI is in late Aug and then I meet with my neurologist again in early Sept to get feedback on how things are going. After that I'll be getting an MRI about once every 2 weeks so that they can monitor my progress. I meet with my Oncologist next week so I'll know Wed what chemo I have to look forward to.... thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sandi's Update 7/13

Updated from big sister......Sandi has been loosing more and more of her gorgeous blond hair.  Her college roommate from Wallace State came to spend a few days with her and Jessica is the one who Sandi asked to cut her hair off.   So last Thursday night, July 8th, Jessica shaved Sandi's head. Here are Sandi's exact words from her Facebook page post the following morning:

I have a friend staying with me who is a nurse on a neurological floor in Huntsville; and last night she finally did what JJ has been unwilling or unable to do.... which was shave my head. It actually feels better now because I can stop stressing about losing hair in the shower and elsewhere. Now I have about a quarter inch of redish blond stubble around me head....

I live 6 hours away from Sandi, and her husband JJ just emailed me some pictures of the new "low maintenance" Sandi. Her hair was hiding the scar from her brain surgery which was 2 months ago.  I still think she is beautiful.  The first thing I noticed was not that her hair is now was the fact that she is still smiling!  She is now 2 months into her battle against brain cancer.
Sandi needs prayers and financial support.  Even with insurance...brain surgery and brain cancer is not cheap.  She is unable to work and any donation at all is greatly appreciated!

Please continue to support my sister by purchasing jewelry from the Affirmation and Inspiration Collection.  You can read Sandi's story at

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th update....

Excellent news today!! My follow-up scans showed that the tumor is shrinking and that treatment is working. My neurologist said that she was very pleased with the scans and how I am reacting to treatment. She wants to see me again about 6 wks after I finish radiation (which will be July 20th toward the end of August is when I'll get to see her again). July 20th should be my final day of radiation. I have had a relatively good go w/ cancer, not having a lot of nausea and still have an appetite, I am just not hungry for anything (fruit and junk are all that taste good), so I've only lost 5 lbs (could stand to lose 10 more). My primary side effect has been exhaustion, I've had to nap most of each day, it is amazing how much radiation zaps your energy!! I have just over 2 wks of radiation left; which I cannot wait to have over!!!! Radiation is no fun and it has zapped my energy level SO much. I can't complain too much though because I have not been nauseous like I expected.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!! God has definitely been watching out for me :-)


Update on Sandi - Great News

My sister Sandi just got the results from her MRI. The brain tumor (Glioblastoma) is shrinking and blood flow is still cut off to one side of it. This is the news we were hoping to hear. The chemo and radiation are working!! Her doctor was very happy with the results.  We could not be happier.  I told her I was doing a happy dance!!!

Thanks so much to all of of you for your continued comments, prayers and support.  Keep wearing those wristbands. She is halfway through treatment!