Thursday, July 15, 2010

Radiation and beyond,,,,

I only have 3 more radiation treatments left!!!! This is a huge relief because I should get a lot of my energy back. I have treatment every morning and then I HAVE to nap in the afternoon because it drains me so much; and I'm getting 8-10 hrs of sleep every night. I'll start a more intensive chemo regiment after radiation is over... not sure which is going to be worse; unfortunately I'm afraid that the chemo may make me more nauseous and also have other fun side-effects that I don't know about yet. There were some additional side-effects that no one told me about, I'm learning that w/ cancer treatment you never know until you are there how you will react to treatment. Even the docs can't predict how people will react to treatment since everyone reacts differently.

Overall things are still looking up. I have my next MRI is in late Aug and then I meet with my neurologist again in early Sept to get feedback on how things are going. After that I'll be getting an MRI about once every 2 weeks so that they can monitor my progress. I meet with my Oncologist next week so I'll know Wed what chemo I have to look forward to.... thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!


  1. Hi Sandi, thanks for the progress report. I love your attitude and your honesty. That's awesome that radiation treatments are nearly completed. What I know of the chemo used in this type of illness is that it isn't nearly as bad with side affects as the standard type. Fingers crossed, you have very little discomfort.

    Thanks again for the update. We look forward to walking along beside you as you continue your treatments on your journey to get well.


  2. I am counting down the days with you....I love you.

  3. I'll be praying for you Sandi. The Lord gives you strength as you fight the good fight of faith. I'm blessed to see you smiling despite your medical condition.

    Hugs and blessings!

  4. Sandi...I'm thinking about you every day & sending you all of my strength and prayers!!

    Keep us posted love...and stay strong!

  5. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad to hear your radiation is almost complete. I found you through Lady Bloggers today and am your newest follower. You are such a strong woman, keep your head up! :)

  6. My prayer are with you!

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