Monday, January 31, 2011

Update from my Neurologist :-)

Praise God!!! This morning my Neurosurgeon told me that she has never seen someone react this well to treatment and that the majority of people, given my diagnosis, are dead within one year; but that I am still doing great in her opinion. Guess all of those hrs in the gym paid off, thanks Sonya for the motivation. She said that she could tell a big difference between my Oct scans and the scans I got in Dec. Karen (mother-in-law and nurse) got a copy of the MRI report and said that from what she can tell the tumor has shrunk a decent amount.

Thank you all SO much for your continued prayers, God is listening... and responding.
Love to you all and I hope that everyone is doing great :-)


  1. Sandi I am posting this on my blog too:) Love you.

  2. Praise God indeed! I am litterally on my knees in tears!!! You are an amazing woman! Thank you for the update. I still think of you so very very often!!!!

    Hugs, love, prayers, thoughts and a special place always in my heart!

  3. (((HUGS))) so happy to hear it!!

  4. The neurosurgeon feels that Sandi is in REMISSION!!! That is amazing!! Sandi is so amazing through this, and the multitudes of prayer going up on her behalf have covered her during this. Thanks to everyone who has prayed and continues to pray for Sandi.

  5. Hi Sandi, I am a follower of your sisters blog. I am so very happy to hear your recent news! That is amazing. You are in my family's thoughts and prayers. You are one brave lady. My absolute best to you.