Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Little Miracles - Animals in the Gulf

Today's Monday's Little Miracles Blog Hop is different.  There is no blog in the Miracle Spot.  I am sending you to the ABC News website to read this article

I am a huge animal lover and the images I am seeing on the news of these poor birds, turtles, etc...covered in oil is just heartbreaking.  In the article above there are many links to organizations who are helping the animals and most of them are accepting donations and volunteers.

Please join us in making a difference : Belly Charms - The Blog, Boobies, Babies and A Blog, and My New Life As Mom  by sharing Monday's Little Miracles to save the Gulf Animals.  Here is how you can make a difference too - this is easy:
  • Copy this post and put it on your blog
  • Join the linky below
  • And of course, follow any or all of the wonderful bloggers in the linky who want to save the animals who are suffering in the Gulf of Mexico.
Have a wonderful week and thanks for being a part of Monday's Little Miracles: Animals in the Gulf.

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