Monday, October 11, 2010

Sandi's MRI Results Today - From Sonya

Sandi has not been on her blog in a few months, but I wanted to share the great news she got today.  Sandi's Oncology report showed that her brain tumor is actually shrinking a little bit.  We could not be happier.  I got to spend the weekend with her in Alabama.  She seems to have a little more energy.  She is lost over 20 lbs since August.  She has no appetite, but a week with my mom had her eating a little more.
Her hair is growing a little bit, and she is still going to be a blond.  Proud to still wear her Alabama cap too.
Sandi still needs lots of prayers and support as she continues chemo and her fight for life. She has not been able to work since her brain tumor was discovered in May.  You can read her story and/or make a donation at


  1. I'm still sending love and prayers.

  2. Great news, Sandi! Heard you were around on Friday night, wish I'd been able to be there. Still thinking of you daily and always wearing my wristband.

  3. Sonya, thanks for updating everyone. I just have not felt like it. The latest report from my oncologist (Monday) says that the tumor size went down slightly, which was something that they had hoped for but weren’t necessarily expecting. These things are sneaky little bas***ds and don’t usually go down without a fight, so Praise God and thank you for the help with that one!!!! Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers!!!! Love you all


  4. My mother went threw chemo in her fight against lung cancer. I have watched how hard it can be, I have tried to comfort her on the phone while she was in pain and exhausted, wishing only to run there and hold her. You are so brave to share your story with us, You are in my prayers.

    new follower and supporter of your journey.